ThinCrinksking about using marble in your kitchen? Beauty is in the imperfections. Not sure what I’m talking about? Think of all the beautiful antiques people collect or a French or Italian café. The charm of these things is that they are not perfect. They are charming because they have developed a patina of love. The rings on the tables and chipped marble tops are the character that makes these spaces authentic and real. These loved items have a warmth and character that shows the history of the item. Sometimes we forget to look for the beauty in these, instead of seeing the flaws.


I have a client who recently added some new cabinetry in her kitchen with marble countertops and mixed in an old farm table as an island and an old hutch as extra storage. Adding these well-loved items and marble that will grow and change over time brings not only visual warmth but also a charm and character. It is a perfect fit for their charming old home but also works well with their busy family of 7. When items are already imperfect you don’t stress and worry about every nick or scratch. You embrace it and love it for what it is.


Do you prefer shiny and new? I find many American consumers expect things that they buy to be and remain perfect. Unfortunately, marble kitchen countertops don’t work this way. People love how it looks in photos, movies etc., but in real life marble chips and stains. I encourage my clients to embrace these marks. It is part of life and builds a history and story to your kitchen. Can you learn to say, “sa la vie” and know that your counter will look better in 2-5 years than it does in the first 6 months. No? Still not sold? That is okay it just means it may not be the perfect countertop for you. Still love the look? Try a marble look alike in a product that is more durable. Cambria and Caesarstone have some great new options to check out.


I am not saying we should settle for broken down old stuff. But take an extra look at things you own and products you select to see the beauty within. Can you embrace the imperfections and meld these items with the new to create a more warm and authentic space in your home?


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