What is one of the most import parts of your kitchen, although is usually forgotten about? Lighting! We spend so much time focusing on selecting Countertops, Cabinetry and Floors that we forget that to see these things properly we need good lighting.


Still not sure how important lighting is? Have you ever driven down your street in the evening after dark to see a house that has great landscaping lighting? It can take an okay yard and make it WOW! Good lighting will do the same for your kitchen. Why not take your kitchen to the level of WOW?


Lighting is not only for aesthetics but for practical reasons too. In the kitchen we are using sharp knifes, powerful appliances and hot pots. We need to make sure we can see what we are doing. (You don’t want to loose a finger!) Even after the excitement of dinner is done it is nice to be able to get a glass of water or bowl of ice cream without turning on all the lights, but without tripping on the cat or dog.


Ideally we want to layer lighting so that you have multiple sources for different tasks. Lighting placement is also key. There is nothing worse than trying to scrub a pot only to realize you are in a shadow of your own head. Eyestrain is just plain annoying and avoidable!


If you are you planning on remodeling, start thinking about your lighting. Not sure how to get it right? Contact us and we can shed some light on the subject, and help your kitchen shine.

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