You asked questions and here is our answer. Cabinetry finishes coming off is, unfortunately, a common problem. Cabinetry finishes in California are not holding up like they used to. Most people don’t realize why.


Question from Jones Roby: Tiffany we have those cheap cabinets that came in our track home. They are so ugly where the “finish” is coming off. How can we put a better glaze on them? I was hoping they could be refinished with a better glaze. That’s probably really expensive. I can’t believe how cheap that make these! The cabinets at my old house were awesome. They told me that they aren’t allowed to use that type of finish in California anymore due to some environmental issue.



Response: Jones, I have this same problem in my California track home. The problem is the EPA outlawed the use of many finishes in California. If you remember you used to be able to buy spray lacquers for outdoor furniture etc. Unfortunately, these are not available anymore and so the finishes they can use are not holding up. The trouble with trying to re-finish or coat your existing cabinetry is any local finish will start to do the same thing again. I agree, cheap finishes are a pain! The best option is something finished out of the state of California. That is why we sell products finished out of state. There is a huge difference in finish.


There is not much you can do once the finish starts coming off. Try keeping the surface clean and dry. Oils and gunk will break down the finish faster. If you check out my YouTube I have a couple videos on cabinetry finish and cleaning your cabinetry. Putting handles on before finish starts coming off can keep the oils and dirt from your hands off the surface, and prolong the life as well.



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