I don’t know about you but I love food. I will dream and plan out meals before I’m even hungry. (Although I am always hungry 😉 Yes, this started before I was pregnant but I must admit that doesn’t help and sometimes leads to some odd combinations, but that’s a different story.


For any clients that have worked with me this year (2016) you know that my pricing structure changed slightly. I added some new and more inclusive packages. As I was making these changes I let my love of food sneak in. The result of this is one of the packages is now called “Whole Enchilada”.


What is the “Whole Enchilada” package?   Thank you for asking, it is just what you would think. It is more inclusive and includes not just design and drawings but now includes help on selecting the product and pulling the whole project together. Many times in life we get busy and think we will have time but in reality our time is magically sucked up with work, kids, and life. To go pick out sinks, faucets, paint, backsplash, light fixtures, knobs, etc. takes more time than you imagine and before you know it construction is starting and the contractor wants to know your decisions.


We take that load off by bringing all the choices to you. No worrying over when you can squeeze it in only to get overwhelmed and confused once you start looking. We show you a very filtered view of only what would work for you and in your budget. You still get choices but in a time frame and space that works for your busy life.


So, I ask you as you start your next design project. Are you getting a taco or the whole enchilada? Give us a call or an e-mail today. We would love to help you start your next project.


Okay, so as I sit here writing this I am a pregnant mama and I can only say Enchilada so many times before I’m starving… You too? Good news. I have my enchilada recipe to share with you. Check back next week for the mouth watering recipe, Tiffany’s Weekend Enchiladas. (once 2nd is up. /Click here now for this mouth watering recipe…)

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