I love to cook. From just a simple meal to testing out more extreme endeavors, I always seem to make a mess. Don’t get me wrong my dogs love it, my husband, not as much. This got me thinking about other cooks I know. My brother lived with us for a while and while he is a fabulous chef, he would use every pot and utensil in the kitchen. My mom, who taught me how good home made meals can taste, cleans as she goes. I have tried to copy this style but it never seems to stick!


We all seem to have our own style to cooking. What is your cooking style? I find you may be able to tweak each style but you are never going to change your style. It is part of who you are, but what if your kitchen helped work with your habits and nature not against it?!


Knowing your cooking style can help you design a system to work best for you? Here are a couple of tips and ideas.


Messy cook

– Limit the distances between cook top, sink and fridge. Since these are the main causes of mess, this will keep you from spreading your mess even farther. It will also save your feet!

-Allow ample open counter space. You will need it once your mess gets started. An island or a peninsula can work well for this.


Use every pot & Pan

-A large sink with counter near by is a must.

-Try creating different zones, a cooking zone and a cleaning zone. This way you can have someone step in and help clean without being in your way.


Clean as you go

-Try having a sink within arms reach. Running to the other side of the kitchen to wash a dish while something is simmering will only leave you frazzled.

-Have a good area set aside for a drying wrack. This allows you to wash and run.


Needing help figuring out your cooking style? Unsure what layout works best for you? Is your current situation just not cutting it? Give us a call or email. We would love to help you fall back in love with your kitchen!

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