Messy Kitchen Happy Home PicYou have kids, dogs, a job, and a life! It’s no wonder your house is not picture perfect everyday. I know mine isn’t! Heck, trying to keep the house clean with my two year old is like trying to follow a tornado. I can’t imagine when my son arrives it’s going to improve any. ?


Confession time!! When it comes to my kitchen there is almost always dirty dishes in the sink, A pot from last night and spices or oils that didn’t quite make it back into the cupboard. The countertops although clean could probably use a bit more of a scrub and don’t get me started on the state of my cooktop. This is reality folks. This is what real life looks like!


But, I have decided it is okay that my kitchen is not perfectly clean. Why? Because a messy kitchen is a used kitchen. My family cooks dinner from scratch most nights and many breakfast too, usually as a family. What better way to show your family that they are loved then feeding them good food to start or end a long day? If this means a bit of a mess? It is just proof of all the good food we have enjoyed.


So, no longer do I see the mess (okay maybe I still see it a little bit) but I see my happy family enjoying the love we have cooked up. I see that we focused our time and energy on being together as a family and stopped worrying about being perfect. Remember A messy kitchen equals a happy home!


Ironically I have been telling my clients for years that I want to see their kitchens how they really live. “Don’t clean it up perfect because then I can’t tell where your problem areas are.” I don’t see a mess I see areas for improvement.


If your kitchen has a lot of areas for improvement contact us. We would love to help you design a kitchen that works with you and your family’s needs. We promise not to tell anyone about the mess! 😉

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