What shade of green are you? Lime, hunter, Kelly, what shade of green are you? I love the color green too but that is not what we are talking about. Green is more than just a color now. We are talking about earth friendly products. This has become more and more popular selling point to end-users and has created what is called Green washing. This is where companies are listing “Green” on products just to boost sales. Many times they spend more money on advertising and promoting then on really caring about the environment or making a product that will have less impact on our earth. Start taking a closer look at those “green” products you buy and assessing what shade of green you want to support.


How do you know? Below are the first 3 of my 6 steps to a green remodel. Keep these in mind as you start to look for in your remodel products.


  1. Look for reliable certifications, there are a ton of certifications out there, make sure it has a history and quality certification process. Here are some good ones to get you started.


LEED certified,

NGBS (National Green Builders),

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Known for their Friendly Forested products, ESP certified (Environmental Stewardship Program).


  1. Recycled Materials & Bio gradable products & packaging.


Most of us are familiar with recycled products when buying paper products but there are now great options available in carpet, fabric and more. Even countertops can have recycled content. Look for companies that use less packaging and packaging from recycled content. Also start to think about products that are bio gradable and can easily return to the earth. Items that break down quickly without processing and chemicals are great.


  1. Rapidly renewable materials


Bamboo is a renewable product that many of us are familiar with but there are now more options. Look for FSC certified woods that have been friendly forested and responsibly grown and harvested. For more information on what this certification entails.


Keep your eyes open the next 3 steps are coming next week!



Need help creating the green project you dream of? Give us a call today. We would love to help educate you on the choices and products now available.

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