Now you know green is more than just a color. In fact many feel it is a way of life! Did the first 3 steps to a green remodel get you thinking about the products you use and buy? Below are the last 3 steps. Which of these do you most care about? What is important to you? Leave me a message with your priorities. I love to hear from you.



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  1. Reclaimed materials


Reclaiming is taking something that is no longer good for its original intent and repurposing it to extend it’s life. Good examples are reclaimed wood & copper.

Some companies are now using wine, beer, & pickle barrels to make new cabinetry. Copper is an amazing metal that can not only be melted down and reused but retains 95% of it’s value. Amazingly 80% of the copper ever mined is still in use today. Recycled copper can be found in sinks and more. (note high quality copper products won’t green)


5.Finishes & Coatings


What chemicals are we putting into our environment? Start looking at not just the earth but our own indoor air quality. More and more people are becoming aware of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds.) In the outdoor environment, these chemicals can react with sunlight to form smog. and Urea Formaldehyde (a type of resin that can off-gas formaldehyde when exposed to air). High levels of exposure can irritate eyes, nose, and throat or aggravate asthma at low levels. There are now finishes and products that lower these levels to little or no VOC”s or Urea Formaldehyde.


  1. Hand Crafted & Quality products


I personally love hand-crafted products, not just for the beautiful one of a kind look, they also employ artisans and keep the history and traditions of their trades alive. And by buying quality products that last we are keeping waste from heading to the landfill. Some thought into planning, building & buying quality products to match your needs now and into the future, !


Need help creating the green project you dream of? Give us a call today. We would love to help educate you on the choices and products now available.


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