P1010303No matter if you are installing new cabinetry or sprucing up the ones you have, you want your new countertops to look perfect. Did you know there is more to this process then picking the perfect color? Make sure you are investing your money wisely and get the quality you desire. Here are my 5 simple steps to getting your dream countertops.


Most countertops are made or fabricated by a granite fabricator. Even many of the newer choices on the market like Cambria or Caesarstone (quartz based material) are still cut and installed just like granite. So no mater the material or brand the process is almost identical.


1-Hire quality fabricators

Just like most skilled trades, there are different levels of quality. Make sure you know these differences so you can get the beautiful kitchen of your dreams. Ask to see examples of their work. Keep reading to learn what to look for. (Also see my warning below about Chinese prefabricated material)


2-Seams & edging

Look at the quality of their seams, both in the edge detail as well as where sections are joined together. A good seam should be level and smooth. Any joint should be filled with a colored epoxy to match your stone. This is where the artistry comes in. This colorized epoxy has to be done by hand to blend with your material. A good fabricator will take their time and custom blend the color so that as your countertop changes colors and details so does their epoxy. Many good fabricators may even be able to hide a seam so it is hardly visible. Keep in mind some materials and colors are easier than others. Look at the quality of their edges. A good edge should be straight and crisp. Be wary or any wobbly looking edges. This can be more common on curves or rounded sections.


4-Preview layout on material

For my clients, viewing the layout on the material is highly encouraged. It is a MUST if you are using a granite or more wild material with movement or veining. This is a good chance to see where your seams will be. Many times we can move things to highlight your favorite details or cut out the marks or details you don’t like. You are going to be looking at this for many years to come. Make sure you LOVE your countertops!


5- Hire a designer.

Knowing what to look for can be tricky and finding a fabulous fabricator can take year. This is a good reason to hire a professional who will advise you. They have worked with many professionals in the industry and will know who will be a right fit for you and your project



Warning!! There are many fabricators out there that use Chinese prefabricated material. Know what you are getting. Many people are unaware of the differences. The down sides to working with these companies are:


1-Material is shipped with edges already on. This makes islands or any custom areas (not 24” deep) difficult. You may have to have an awkward seam.


2-Material is available in fewer colors and edges.


3-Many of these fabricators will cut material in your front yard. Not only is this messy but it results in less than perfect looking installations. Some minor trimming or drilling of holes is normal, but I don’t recommend them cutting the whole kitchen in the front yard. Also, many HOA’s have fined clients due to mess and noise complaints


Do you need help getting your “Dream Countertops”?  We help keep you from the potential pitfalls and ensure you have quality and beauty you can enjoy for the next 20 years.  Call or email us now to start working on your project.

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