Last blog I talked about how much time, energy and frustration we waste in our unorganized kitchen. (If you missed this, you can read it here.) Now that we realize we are running in circles what do we do about it?


Here are the 5 steps to improving your kitchen now!


1. Realize there is a problem.

So often we are so busy that we don’t even stop to realize there is a problem with what we are doing. Stop and make a list of all the things not working. Every little thing that annoys you. Because, We can’t fix it if we don’t acknowledge that it is a problem! Can you fix any of these problems? Many times we can fix something but never take the time to realize.


2. Make a list of what you do in your kitchen.

Yes, EVERYTHING!! We do way more than just cook in the kitchen. That is why we call it the heart of your home. Grand central station also works. 😉 You are never going to break these habits so let’s let’s acknowledged them and work with them, not against it. Try designating space for the items required for these tasks. That way they are not on the counters, floors, etc.


3. Put items where you use them.

This might seem silly, but many times we have items for one task scattered all across the kitchen. If you remember the cereal example from the previous blog, you saw why we need to start grouping items by task not by similar items. What daily tasks are done in your kitchen? Could you move items closer together and organize by task instead?


4. Clear off your counters.

What is on your countertops? This visual clutter is cluttering up your thoughts not just your cooking!! When you have a clean a clear workspace you can think and function much better. This feeling is contagious and will spread into one her areas of your life too.


5. Start applying the two year rule.

If you are still wondering how you are going to find your countertops, I have the solution for you. Look in your cabinetry. How many items do you actually use? My rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in 2 years, pass it on. I bet there is more than you think taking up room in your cabinetry, and life, that isn’t even being used. Now that we have cleared room we can finally clear off those counters!!


I hope I hear steps help you find the happier, healthier busy mom within. Remember Rome was not built in a day don’t feel you have to do this all in one day. Take your time and think it through. It will pay off in the end.



Realizing that the “stuff” in your kitchen is not the only problem? We can help you with all those other problems by designing a new kitchen to fit around your family. Give us a call today to get started.

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