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When your home is ready for a remodel, there are signs to look for.  Sometimes we don’t see the signs, or maybe we are in denial, either way here are the 5 Signs you are ready for a kitchen remodel.  (Note:  Read with a hint of sarcasm.  Heck life is more fun that way!)




1-Drawers or cabinets that just “don’t work!”

Your drawer is stuck or just too hard to wiggle open.  The other cabinet has never opened right because it hits the knob or dishwasher. Then there is the cabinet where the shelves are way back there and you really just can’t reach stuff.  It’s okay you work around it.  You were not short on storage space already, right?


2-Appliances are starting to fail.

Your oven has gone out but you only use that on thanksgiving. The microwave doesn’t work so you have another one on the counter now. Only one burner works on the cook top but that is all you really need, right? Then there is the dang hood.  That thing has never worked properly.  I just open the window.

Pretty soon it is going to be salads or take out!


3-Counter top is falling apart. 

Okay, maybe the better term is fell apart.  Don’t worry, your husband fixed it with super glue and duct tape.  I don’t see the big problem.  It’s not like there would be mold or bacteria getting in there.  It is still working for now.


4-Cabinet doors don’t shut.

For some reason the door just pops open.  The next one just creaks kinda loudly, and this one seems to collide with the other door. Some of the others are okay… They would probably shut fine if they hadn’t fallen off!


5-Finish problems.

Your cabinets were looking a little shabby, so you used a little furniture polish.  That helped for a day or two.  Then you didn’t like the oak and so you decided to paint them.  The paint just seems to be wearing off in a couple spots.  So you saw a great article on pinterest on how to distress  your own cabinetry.  It was a lot of work and wasn’t looking like the picture so you stopped.  The kids decided to jump in on the fun and added some of their own art work.  This is what we call family bonding!


Do 1 or more of these apply to you? It is time to give us a call.  You are not alone. We have heard every single line above said by clients. There is hope! Remodeling can seem scary but don’t worry. We can save you from this scary fate and help you create the home of your dreams.

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