Timeless Kitchen Design


A common question I am asked by my clients is how to achieve a timeless look. No one wants to look back in 5-10 years and realize their project already looks dated. Here are 4 simple tricks to create a timeless kitchen design or bath design you will love for years to come.


1-Avoid trends in materials and colors

Leave those trendy colors for your paint colors or accessories. These are easy to change when you get tired of them. You may love that green shade now but ordering your whole kitchen that color might be a mistake. No one wants to realize they picked the “avocado green” of tomorrow.


2-Look back at history

80s-90s oak cabinetry ruled.

90s entered white-wash and two-tone cabinetry.

What is today’s design signature? This is tricky and takes a little bit of guess work.


3- stick with colors and styles you love.

Most of us have a color or style we have always leaned towards. This can be a great way to avoid a design misstep. If you loved it 10 years ago and you love it now, odd are you will love 10 years from now.


4-Still not sure?

Bring in an expert. A professional eye can weigh in if you look is trendy and going to age well. Sometimes just a subtle change can make a big impact on the longevity of you space visually.


And remember… Design is fun. 🙂



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