Kitchens UnlimitedA comment I hear often from people is,

“I can’t afford a designer.  That is not in our budget.”

Wait! I want to save you time and frustration.

Here are 4 reasons you can’t survive your remodel, without a designer!


1-What is your time worth?

Most of my clients have busy lives with things to do other than driving around town selecting products at different stores, unsure if they will all work together. What if something arrives wrong, broken or not like you thought?  This takes you returning exchanging and shipping things back?  What is this time worth to you?

When working with Kitchens Unlimited we bring everything to you, making sure they all work together and fit your style & budget.  We also handle any issues that could arise. Most of the time you will not even know it happened!  We save you time, gas, headaches and sleepless nights.


2-Ovoid mis-steps and mistakes

Have you ever painted a wall only to realize that you HATE the color?   Many items for your kitchen or bath remodel are much more expensive than a can of paint. How sure are you on your decisions?  Are you confident that they will look as you envisioned?

Mis-steps cost us time and money.  Especially, if you have hired someone to do the work for you.  When working with Kitchens Unlimited, we save you the money and heart-ache that these mis-steps or mistakes would have cost. We make sure you understand your choices and selections and insure they fit your style and look.  Trust me, if I don’t think it will look good, I will tell you!


3-Save your contractor’s time and your money

If you have started looking at contractor’s pricing you know that it is not cheap!  If you have them start your project and have not selected product, arranged for it to be delivered, and translated to the contractor how you see it being installed, you are paying for them to wait!  Wait on you…  But, your busy trying to work, raise a family, run a business, all of those “other” important things!

We help take the stress off of your shoulders. We work with you ahead of time to set a clear design and select any products necessary.   We then order and track each item to insure it is here and ready to be installed.  Contractor has questions?  We are here to answer them. This leaves you time to do those “other” things you need to do.


4- End Result

In the end will you like what you see?  This is the true test.  It is also what will keep you up at night!

I find this is the first time that many of my clients have planned a remodel.  It makes sense that we might want and need a little help.  We are here to make sure the picture in your head, becomes your reality.


Have you been unsure about hiring a designer to help you with your project? Give us a call or just respond to this e-mail.  We would love to talk with you about how we can help you survive your remodel.


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