3 Ways You're Thinking Too Small
South West style kitchen in Alamo, CA

Getting ready to remodel a kitchen or bathroom?  My advise is to stop thinking small. What does that mean? So often we can’t see past what we have, to imagine what could be. This is where a designer can help you assess your needs, wants, and space to see outside the box and create the best space for you. Here are the main 3 ways you’re thinking too small.


1. Think about moving walls

Many times we can move walls without a major added expense. If it is a non-load bearing wall (i.e. Not holding up the house), a little bit of Sheetrock and framing can be a small cost with a big impact.



2. Think about changing layout

We get so used to dealing with things how they are, that we don’t think about if there is a better way. I’m here to tell you, “There is a better way!!” By changing layout we can pickup extra storage and fix the weird awkward issues (yes, like that door that hits the other door). We can also make the space look and feel bigger while also being more functional.



3. Think about being bold

So many people get scared by colors and patterns. Problem is, if you don’t have anything bold, everything will be blah. Why would you go thru all the money and trouble of a remodel for a blah space?!  The great thing about painting a wall is if you get tired of it (or hate it) repainting isn’t hard. BE BOLD! Go for that color you love but we’re too scared to try!



Are you still unsure about your space and need help thinking big and outside the box?  Give us a call, we can help you balance cost and benefits to get a space that is wow.




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