White kitchen, Planning a remodelThe thrill as the tips of your skis hanging over the edge of a snowy mountain side. Excitement mixed with a ball of worry. What if I fall? You push through and the cool rush of air and excitement is exhilarating.

I have experienced this same feeling more recently watching my daughter Cora grow. From taking her first steps to climbing stairs. Now, she is scaling tables couches & more. It is scary and thrilling all at once.

Getting ready to start a kitchen or bath remodel can be like skiing, or those first couple steps. You get butterflies of excitement and knots of worry over the unknown. But, the pay off is huge too.  Remodeling can bring your home back to life, allowing your family to thrive.

3 Tips for Planning a Remodel.

Step 1: Have a plan
  • Having a plan is key to a successful remodel
  • Like any good plan, know your end goal and how you plan to achieve it.
  • Make sure this goal is achievable in the time frame and budget desired.
Step2: Expectation is everything
  • Be flexible and look to your end goal.
  • Construction isn’t perfect. (In fact, nothing is.)
  • Delays will happen build this into your schedule.
Step3: Relax!
  • Set up a system for regular communication.
  • Micro managing and hovering takes up your time and slows down the contractor.
  • Let the professionals do their job!


Planning done, cabinetry ordered, waiting for construction to start? Keep your eyes open.  Next blog will cover “How to survive a remodel”.


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