Kitchen Fire SafetyJust after Christmas last year, I was cooking dinner for my husband and my In-laws who were visiting.  It had been a chilly December day and so I had been wearing a cute scarf all day. While standing at my gas cook top, I caught myself on fire.  The strangest thing is that I did not panic.  My thought was not to panic but to take the scarf off and put it in the sink. I tried to pull the scarf off but it was wrapped around my neck and would not release.  As I started to unwrap the scarf, the flame leapt up toward my hand and into my hair.  I think it was somewhere in this moment that I said, “I need help.” (for some strange reason still oddly calm).


Thank goodness for my husband’s quick action.  He proceeded to throw me to the ground, with the family quickly behind him.  They literally beat out the flames with towels and an apron.  Some how, I managed to survive the incident fairly unscathed.  I had a burn on my hand and more than a few scorched hairs on one side of my head, but I count myself VERY lucky.


I use myself as an example not to entertain you with a good story but to share the reality of fire safety in the kitchen.  Here are my 3 Simple Kitchen Fire Safety Tips.


1-Have Fire Extinguishers.

Since this incident I have purchased a couple fire extinguishers. I recommend EVERYONE have one handy and know where it is kept.


2- Wear appropriate clothing.

DO NOT cook while wearing scarves or other loose flowing fabrics.  It lights incredibly fast and spreads even faster! I am just thankful I was not holding my daughter and that she was too young at the time to have been underfoot.


3- Stop drop and roll

I was lucky to have had quick thinking family near by.  This isn’t always going to be the case.  Your best course of action is to  STOP, DROP and ROLL!

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