Kitchen Organization is one of my most asked about topics and one of my favorite to do.  Not just because I love a good DIY project but because it can make a big impact on your every  day function and use of the space.  Good organization can save you time and frustration.  Here is a  quick story about a DIY project I recently tackled.  Enjoy 🙂


Recently it came to my attention that we had two trouble spots in our kitchen.   Here is a step by step guide of fixes with photos. (of course who doesn’t love show and tell)

1st problem Tray & Cookie sheets

Problem- Cookie sheets, platters, cutting boards and more are falling over in the cabinet.

I couldn’t get anything out without all of it coming out.  Finally I had it.  Time to roll up my sleeves and fix this the right way.



First step– First clear everything out of the space and start with a clean palette.

This also gives you a chance to go through things.  Do you use these items regularly?  Have you touched in a year?  Two years?  Did you not know you had it?  Maybe it is time to reassess and pass on what you aren’t using.







Solution- I used tray dividers to keep things organized.  This allows everything to be stored on their edge without falling over.  I can now pullout 1 item at a time!

These U shaped tray dividers by Rev-A-Shelf anchor better than others on the market and keep them from tipping over.  They are easy to install, they only require 4 screws.






After- I love the results and only took me about 30 min.  (Okay… well an hour but only because I broke a bowl and had to clean up all the glass.)

 Problem #2 to follow.  Keep your eyes open it’s coming soon.




Where are your trouble spots in your kitchen?  Leave a comment below with a spot you need help. I will pick one or two of you and do a DIY spot light on a solution for you.


Do you have too many trouble spots to count?  Do you need more help than 1 hour of DIY can handle?  Let me know I’d love to help you dig deeper and develop a new plan that works for you.

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